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Patient Feedback is very important to us.

Here are some stories of our patients, and the outstanding results you can see for yourself!

I smile all the time now just because I can!

"When I smile I don't think about the hours and hours of hard work and persistence and encouragement by Dr. Clark and his dedicated "crew", or the miles and miles of traveling from Detroit to Virginia by car, plane, metro, and bus, or through rain, snow, sleet and hot sun; My feelings are of the moment!, the joy, the confidence and the electrifying effect that is bestowed upon all those who catch my spirit! I smile all the time now just because I can! Thanks Dr. Clark!"

Struggles with TMJ

"For years I was plagued with problems from TMJ, missing teeth, and an intensely misaligned bite. I would wake up with severe headaches. As the CEO of a consultant firm my work requires me to be in front of groups and I felt self-conscious about the appearance of my teeth. Dr. Clark transplanted new bone, placed several implants, and completed a full mouth reconstruction. I not only feel wonderful, I look much better based on the comments I receive daily. His staff is one of the most professional groups I have seen. They truly understand what it means to care for patients and they have been especially attentive to my comfort needs throughout all of the procedures. I have been more than 100% satisfied and delighted beyond words with the work of Dr. C. Benson Clark and his staff at King Centre Dental."​

My journey with Dr. Clark

"My journey with Dr. Clark started 4 years ago. I was doing a presentation for him and after I was done speaking, he mentioned to me that my smile was crooked. I knew nothing about my smile, except I was in pain every day. I told him that I had a car accident that caused severe spinal injuries. I had symptoms like migraine headaches, ear aches, I could not really open my jaw, and I experienced shooting pains in my eyes. I had been sent to many different doctors and prescribed a lot of medication, however not one of the doctors mentioned to me that there was something wrong with my jaw. My own dentist could never identify the problem. Dr. Clark took some pictures of my jaw and told me that I had TMJ. I could not believe that all those doctors could not figure out what the real problem was. They only prescribed many, many bottles of different medications. He made me an orthotic brace that day and I had immediate pain relief. I could not believe it! It was a miracle! I could live again!Since then, I have moved to Michigan and Dr. Clark is still my dentist. I did find doctors in Michigan however not one of them really knew how to treat TMJ. I even had one of them make me a brace: however I was in so much more pain afterwards. I was devastated. I did not want to be in pain again. I went to see Dr. Clark immediately.I am very lucky to have found Dr. Clark. He changed my life!Dr. Clark not only has knowledge on how to treat a very complicated diagnosis, but he also has dedication to make sure that you get well. I have been out of pain, with no migraine headaches, ear aches, or any kind of pain for a long time now! Dr. Clark saved my life! Throughout all these years, his entire staff has been incredible to me! They are a blessing in my life!"​

First-Class Care

"Not many people say they love their dental office but I can honestly say I love mine. After decades of thinking I just had bad teeth, Dr. Clark immediately saw that I had serious and real problems. I've had previous dentists who just "fixed what was broke" but never tried to fix the real problem or even acknowledged I had one.I'd had jaw pain and popping, headaches, stiff muscles in my neck and shoulders for so long I can't even remember when it started. The dark circles under my eyes were just a bonus. I thought it was something I simply had to live with, and I did, until I went to King Centre Dental.Dr. Clark explained what was going on and gave me a plan of attack. It didn't happen overnight but it did happen. After months of patience on both sides, several orthotics and many hours of tensing I finally have a smile I can smile about. The pain is gone, the dark circles are gone and I can smile with confidence.Dr. Clark and his professional, caring staff are hands-down the best dental practice I've ever been to, and I have more than enough experience at dental offices to make a highly educated comparison. The care you receive at King Centre Dental is nothing less than first class."